Goalkeeper Clinic - 3rd to 12th grade, Boys & Girls

**A BSC Goalkeeper Clinic is not currently being offered (updated 10/2015)**

The keeper is the last line of defense and the first line of offense.

Interested? We hope so! Our Goalkeeper Clinic is 12 hours of professional instruction over 4 days.

Proper Technique

Learn the correct techniques to catch, deflect, kick and throw the perfect soccer ball. Find out how to land on the ground without injuring your-self. Know how to coordinate your teammates for set plays......and so much more!

Being in Position

The difference between a good keeper and a great one is positioning yourself in the right place at the right time. You’ll learn how to cut down the shooters angles so they have to make impossible shots.

Making the Save

Learn how to save a shot taken from any part of the field. Find out how to get off the ground without using your hands and always protecting the ball. Make tough saves look easy and learn how to dive like a champ.

Get the Gear

When you attend the BSC GoalkeeperClinic you’ll receive a goalie jersey and a pair of gloves. We’ll show you how to take care of your gear so it lasts longer. Your gear will help you make that game winning save!

Goalkeepers should prepare to participate in game situations: wear soccer cleats, shin guards, shorts or goalkeeper pants, and appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. We will provide a goalie jersey and a pair of gloves.

Here is what to expect:

The clinic will be broken into training sessions and game play scenarios.
Proper technique will be instructed throughout these sessions.
Keepers will be expected to work hard and concentrate at all times.
Instructors will take time to hold “classroom” type reviews.
Keepers will be divided into training groups by age and grade.
Instructors are keepers with extensive knowledge in playing the position.


2 Weekends in October. (Dates TBD).
Noon to 3pm each day.
High School Track Field.

Keepers will receive a jersey, pair of gloves, and water bottle.

NOTE: Clinic dates are subject to change based on field use by school sponsored events & sports.

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